• Thank you for your interest in a volunteer position with the Union Gospel Mission. The information you provide on this application will assist us in identifying your interests and skills and determining an assignment that is satisfying to you as well as beneficial to us.

  • How much time are you willing to share with the Mission?

  • What days are you available to volunteer?

  • Please list references we may contact after your interview.

    Reference 1:

  • Reference 2:

    (This will be necessary for all volunteers working with children.)
  • UGM General Guidelines

    The following guidelines are adhered to by the staff, clients, and volunteers of the Mission at all times.

    • Make sure all language and conversations are respectful to others around you.
    • For the safety of all (including yourself), always inform the Mission staff about unacceptable behavior of guests or workers at Union Gospel Mission such as:
      • Any violent or wild behavior
      • Verbal abuse
      • Harassment including sexual, racial or other
      • Drug or weapon possession
      • Someone under the influence of alcohol
      • Stealing
    • No drugs or alcohol allowed on any of the Mission premises.
    • No smoking inside any of the Mission facilities. (Smoking is permitted in designated outside areas.)
    • Do not receive or provide any phone numbers or addresses to clients.
    • Perform volunteers tasks according to the directions given by a Mission staff member.
    • Dress comfortably and modestly. Please refrain from wearing hats, shorts, tank tops, tight fitting clothes, short skirts or dresses, or T-shirts with offensive language and/or pictures.

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