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Sovereign Center for Homeless Advancement

The Sovereign Center for Homeless Advancement (the “Sovereign Center”) equips homeless men and women with skills and knowledge to attain careers, retain employment, and provide employers with ready to work talent. The Sovereign Center offers unemployed/underemployed adults intensive pre-employment training programs designed to increase functional skill levels—enhancing employability and/or enabling participants to continue with additional training or education toward a living-wage job. Sovereign Center trainers, caseworkers and chaplains assist program graduates with job placement and address any barriers to employment then stay in contact with the workers and employers to monitor progress and success.

Core Purpose: Offer the Dallas-area homeless community critically-needed program services such as free vocational training, life skills training (finance, budgeting), on-the-job training and job placement.

Skills4Success: This is the soft life skills portion of our job training programs. Students learn the ins and outs of applying for a job, being a good employee, and keeping the job they have secured.

Finance and Budgeting: This part of our job training programs teaches financial best practices for saving, budgeting, and becoming more informed and educated about how to spend wisely to attain financial stability and break the cycle of poverty.

Key Vocational Programs: Housekeeping, carpentry, plumbing, masonry, wall/ floor covering, painting, environmental hazmat handling, and automotive repair trades.

Location and Description:
9008 Sovereign Row, Dallas, TX 75247
Description 27,680 sf warehouse-office building renovated for vocational training use on 1.55 acres


maidcart1UGM’s Housekeeping Program provides free housekeeping training for the hospitality industry, as well as job placement support services. By incorporating class room instruction, industry certification, and hands-on learning, students in this program gain access to careers in the hospitality industry. An industry that offers an ever-expanding opportunity to work in the hotel industry, convention services, restaurants, and within entertainment venues.

Certification: American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA)

UGM’s Sovereign Center for Homeless Advancement (the “Center”) offers housekeeping training, employment counseling, and job placement services to the homeless community in the Dallas Metroplex. We provide a housekeeping certification program (the “Program”) for homeless men and men. The Center is a place where homeless clients can receive counseling, training and employment resources for those interested in a career in the hospitality industry.

The Housekeeping Program includes classroom training, as well as hands-on practical training using a mock hotel suite furnished to hospitality industry standards. UGM has partnered with several hotel groups to provide industry expertise, hotel suite furnishings, training supplies, train-the-trainer support, program assessment/materials, and job placement leads for the graduating students.


1st and 3rd Mondays every month at 10 am

Center Hours: Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm

Contact Information:

Bob Perkins
p: 214-389-9029 x404

9008 Sovereign Row
Dallas, Texas 75247

Partners and Donors

UGM is please to acknowledge the following companies for their cash and in-kind donations to help provide the initial capital and operating funds to jump start this much needed vocational training center and programs for the homeless.

• Ashford Hospitality Group
• Jaguar Hospitality Services
• Cardinal Capital Foundation
• Prairie Creek Partners Foundation

UGM continues to take donations to do finish out work on the facility, to purchase equipment/supplies, and to fund the ongoing program operations. If you are interested in being a vocational training center partner and/or donor please contact Steve Allen, Chief Administrative Officer, for additional details.

p: (214) 637-6117 x113

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