Discipleship Programs

Our extended services include long-term housing and discipleship programs, where clients participate in faith formation, educational and basic life skills programs.

Discipleship Program

ugm-photos-case-managementAll three shelters offer long-term, faith-based, rehabilitation programs called Discipleship. These programs are designed to help people end their personal struggles with homelessness, first by establishing and nurturing a relationship with Jesus Christ, then by learning the skills necessary to re-enter society and live an independent life. This process includes graduating from the Mission’s Learning Center, obtaining a job and, in the final phase, living in a transitional living facility. Prior to graduation from the program, each disciple must be involved with a local church, have a savings account, hold a job and be living independently.

The Discipleship Program is self-paced, and usually takes between eighteen months and two years to complete.

Case Management

ugm-photos-discipleshipAll those seeking to enter the Discipleship Program are interviewed by the Program Director and staff. Each person accepted into the program is assigned a chaplain who meets with them on a weekly basis to monitor progress and provide spiritual guidance. Before graduating, each disciple must be connected to a local church, and have $2000 in a savings account. Any client or disciple who has deep-seated mental or substance abuse problems receives professional help.

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