Disciple Quintina Robinson

“My past dictates that my names should be regret, shame, pain, angry, and forgotten.  My life was full of valleys with no hope at times.” This is how Quintina Robinson sees herself. She was raised by her grandparents. Though her biological father was in her life, Quintina never knew her biological mother.

At school, Quintina ran up against bullies. Attempting to overcome her bullies, she started fighting and clowning around in class. She became known as a problem child, and that landed her in a group home for about a year. Before this though, Quintina went to church every Sunday. “I accepted Christ into my life when I was 11 years old. In hindsight, I realized that I did it so I could be baptized like everyone else.”

Quintina continued to hang out with the wrong crowd and eventually dropped out of school in the twelfth grade. She gave birth to her first child when she was 20, and started going back to church. This time Quintina walked with the Lord for two years.

By the time Quintina was 27, she had given birth to five children out of wedlock. She was a single mom without an education trying to make it and provide for her children. Then tragedy struck. “In 2014, I lost my son; he was murdered in St. Louis.  I tried to take my mind off my problems by overworking myself and not taking the time to grieve.” Quintina was struggling in life.

“I tried to do some things on my own. I attempted to get housing and to work. I stayed at another local shelter.” It wasn’t until Quintina realized that even with all her troubles, Jesus still loved her that she decided to join the Discipleship Program. “Since joining the Program, I have drawn closer to God through the classes, studying the Bible on my own, and receiving the word from the chapel providers. Prior to this, I was always focusing on work and never thought I would be able to sit still and practice solitude through this Program. By making the decision to join the Program, God has shown me the benefits of staying connected to Him.”

Now in phase 3 of the Discipleship Program, Quintina is working on earning her GED and, in the future, to become a social worker so that she can help people like herself.

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